Mare\ Humboldtianum

Humboldti meri

English-Estonian dictionary. 2013.

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  • Mare Humboldtianum — (NASA Aufnahme) Das Mare Humboldtianum (Lat. „Humboldt Meer“) ist ein Mondmeer des Erdmondes innerhalb des Humboldtianum Beckens östlich des Mare Frigoris. Es befindet sich auf den selenographischen Koordinaten 56,8° N, 81,5° E und weist einen… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Mare Humboldtianum — is the dark patch at the center. The upper left is occupied by the walled plain Bel kovich. NASA image. Coordinates …   Wikipedia

  • Mare Humboldtianum — ( mer d Alexander von Humboldt, en Latin ) est une mare lunaire situé dans le bassin Humboldtianum, immédiatement à l Est de Mare Frigoris. Elle est située sur la bordure Nord Est du disque lunaire est chevauche la face visible et la face cachée… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Mare Humboldtianum — El Mare es la mancha oscura al centro de la imagen. La zona superior izquierda es ocupada por el cráter Bel kovich. Coordenadas 56.8° N, 81.5° E …   Wikipedia Español

  • Mare Serenitatis — Photograph of Mare Serenitatis Coordinates …   Wikipedia

  • Mare Moscoviense — Coordinates …   Wikipedia

  • Mare Vaporum — Mare Vaporum. The crater Manilius can be seen as the bright circular object to the right of the mare. To the south Rima Hyginus is visible as a light colored thin line. In the upper left hand side of the photo is the mountain range Montes… …   Wikipedia

  • Mare Imbrium — A map showing the location of Mare Imbrium Coordinates …   Wikipedia

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  • Mare Insularum — Mare Insularum, bordered by the craters Copernicus on the east, and Kepler on the west. Oceanus Procellarum joins the mare to the southwest. The northern edge of Mare Cognitum is visible at the bottom of the photo, and Fra Mauro is the grey patch …   Wikipedia

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